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Luquer Street Press
199 Luquer Street
Brooklyn, NY
Phone #: 718-237-4456

grace by Pietro Costa
$ 35

grace, a visual and literary tribute, chronicles the creative impact of September 11th upon three artists as they struggle to move forward in their lives and work. Published by Luquer Street Press, a division of Luquer Street Projects, Inc., the monograph presents the reader and the viewer with an understanding of the role of memory as muse, when the muse is born of violence and tragedy.

Conceived by sculptor and installation artist Pietro Costa, grace is written in English and Italian, (Costa was born in Italy). The book is a collaboration and collection of several artistic components and perspectives: the story of how a sculpture changed into an interactive memorial narrated by Rebecca Metzger—a conversation among three friends, sculptor Pietro Costa, photographer Cedric N. Chatterley, and poet Denver Butson, edited by Lela Nargi; photographs of grace, Costa’s sculpture of the same name, and the public’s interaction with it in its two US venues, shot by Chatterley; and the stirring poetry of Butson. A haunting collection, grace is both emotionally reflective and restorative.

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